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The above pricing tables have been developed to give you a general idea for the costs of our website solutions.

Much like a fingerprint, every website is unique and so are the costs associated with development.


Our one-time-fee pricing is based on hours spent during the project development & planning. That final cost is then paid 20% up front and the remaining balance is attached to your monthly pricing for first 12 months. Hence, after 12 months your website costs will decrease.

Monthly Fee

The monthly fee you pay is based on your site’s hosting requirements, security level needs, ongoing search engine optimization strategy, site traffic and server resource requirements.

Budget friendly website solutions

If you know your goals, wish to write your own site content and need very little in the way of digital marketing consulting the remaining, primary factor for project cost is that of the site requirements. If you have very little content and do not require advanced functionalities your site cost will be at the minimum level.Get a quote

Content for Conversions

The figures in the pricing table above are based greatly on site design & development time. If you would like to add a conversion geared marketing strategy to your website, allowing us to not only design the look of the site but also the content therein, the time to develop along with cost doubles (on average).Learn More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Options

If you elect to utilize a Content Management System as your website solution it will be built atop a WordPress framework. This is a great framework for SEO. We can implement an SEO strategy for multiple targeted key terms during the development phase of your project but if you wish to really success and climb the ranks on search results you will need a monthly SEO strategy. Pricing for our monthly SEO strategies varies widely. Our monthly SEO plan pricing starts at $40 per month and can easily grow much higher if you chose to utilize Google Ad Words to grow your website traffic.
We also offer SEO consulting to clients. Via the right instruction you can boost your page rankings by conducting regular SEO practices without professional assistance. Learn More

$599 Minimum for 2018

Due to a much higher demand for our web services in the we have recently raised our minimum one-time-fee to $599. Our hourly development rate will also be rising in November of 2018.

12 Month Minimum Contract

If you wish to take advantage of any of our website security plans along with our site load time guarantee you will have to utilize our hosting solutions. Dependent on your website’s requirements these costs can be as little as $15 a month. Security & hosting monthly plans require a 12 month minimum contract. SEO plans require a 4 month minimum contract. All monthly plans are billed quarterly with a discounted rate for yearly payments.

Can I avoid the monthly fee?

Technically, yes. Via two methods:
1. If you elect to have your site raw coded and wish to host your website on your own server and sign a waiver acknowledging the abandonment of regular site security protocols along with waiving our site website load-time guarantee you may avoid our monthly fees.

2. Given a contentment management system is your desired website solution: you will need to utilize your own hosting solution, sign both our site security and load time guarantee waivers & pay a slight premium for development hours

Development Time

After years of pricing projects based on project size we have shifted our primary pricing strategy to an hourly based rate. We have realized that a simple, three page website can take anywhere from five to twenty hours to develop.
What’s the difference between a five hour, three page site versus a twenty hour, three page site?
Ultimately, there are two key differences:
1. Client decisiveness and preparedness.
When a client knows the needs and functionalities of their new website we make the right system from the get go. We often find however that clients tend to want to add functionalities to a site either during the development process, or after a site goes live. This causes us to go backwards and adds substantially more time to the development process. We do our very best to make certain the project specifications are clearly laid out and client goals and are understood before beginning the development process.
2. Content generation.
When a client elects to provide the content for a website, that is, the text and images used throughout the website, we are able to complete a project rather quickly. This is not however always the best method for design as the majority of clients are not marketing wizards. Let us create a conversion geared content strategy so your website does a better job of generating leads and if e-commerce, direct online sales.

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