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Premium Kadence Templates, Themes, Layouts & Starter Packs

Let me just start out here by saying that the Kadence library is chock-full of amazing templates available at no extra cost to users.

Free Layouts & Templates

If you’re on the free plan there is a surprising amount of free fully page layouts, theme designs, pre-made sections and wireframes. However, if you’ve landed here you’re likely looking for more advanced themes so read on…

Premium/Paid Layouts & Templates

If you’re looking for the best premium layouts and templates, you should start by upgrading to Kadence Pro as this unlocks a lot of additional theme templates, layouts and sections.

For instance, these designs including the many created for a local kava bar in our area were mostly based off the pre-built Kadence templates from the pro library.

Other Creators

Aside from the Kadence Pro starter packs, other creators have begun releasing content for Gutenberg/Kadence users. We will be updating this article with a list of all available premium template/layout providers in the near future.

Iconic Templates

for starters, Iconic Templates has some steller feedback on the Facebook Kadnece WP group.

Recommend Premium Templates / Themes

If you would like to recommend a premium theme/template provider to be added to this resource, please comment below or contact us and we will give them a look. So long as they are a vetted developer (with plugins or themes on the WP repository, or with community backing in the Kadence WP Facebook group) we will add them.

Please include a link to the provider’s website and details about their product offerings.

Sell Your Kadence-Built Layouts

Looking to sell your own custom-built Kadence designs? Via the Kadence cloud users can create and sell content to the general public. For more information on how to do this, visit this article by

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