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How to create an SEO friendly post on your WordPress website

Maximize SEO – a WordPress must know!

Creating a post/article with the intention of bettering your website’s search results is an important aspect of digital marketing every business owner should have a strong grasp on.

A step-by-step guide to creating a post with a focus on ‘keywords’ and proper implementation

Identify your keywords for SEO

If you service a large area, such as Pinellas County, and offer, for instance, pool cleaning services your primary keywords for the entirety of your website may be “pool service Pinellas”. However, there are a wide variety of other terms that potential customers may use to find a qualified business such as:
-Pool cleaning
-monthly pool service
-Clearwater pool company

These are just a few basic terms to give you an idea of how keyword planning should take a major role in your post writing.

Target a single keyword term in each post

For the example pool cleaning company, a good term to target may be ‘pool service largo’. The post would then have this keyword phrase scattered all throughout the content of the post.

Key spots to insert your key terms to maximize SEO

Post Title
Title Tags for SEO

The primary factor you will need to learn when it comes to writing for SEO is the title tag. Although WordPress does offer a way to do this without knowledge of HTML I strongly recommend you learn a tiny bit of code and in fact, I will only show you the ‘right way’ in this article.

Title tags are simply small bits of code


. Before your opening paragraph

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  1. Nice post! I find it helpful to constantly monitor the websites performance on Search Console and extract the search terms there. I then crosscheck these search terms to the keywords I found on tools like SEMRush, UberSuggest, or Ahref.

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