Crowd check to save lives at concerts

Crowd Check | Method To Quickly Exit a Crowded Venue

In light of recent events at Astroworld 2021, I wrote this up. Maybe it will help, maybe no one will give it a thought but it’s worth a shot.

I’ve been to packed shows, and I know that it can get real tight real fast.

For the artists:

“Crowd check time: If you are having a rough time and need to get out of the crowd, now’s your chance, turn around and give the people behind you the thumbs down. People, if someone gives you the thumbs down, get out of their way, clear a path, let them get out. – if they can’t walk, someone takes them out. You might just save their life.”

This could also be said before the concert starts, to let the crowd know that the thumbs down means let them thru

For the concert-goers:

If something like this were to catch on, and people knew to use the thumbs down while facing away from the stage could help open a hole, it could potentially help people exit. Same for those facing someone trying to get out, they may realize the importance of getting out of their way.

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