Divi Builder: Global Elements Management

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How to manage your Divi Builder global elements (modules and sections)

Divi makes it easy!

Instead of using PHP directly, the Divi Builder lets you manage elements that may be utilized in different pages of your site, without having to go into each page to edit those elements.

Divi Builder Global Block Management

A: This is a global section.

To create one of these, click the top let most edit icon (three horizontal lines) and choose “save to library”. Before doing so your section should contain grey elements instead of green. If you want all of the information and settings to be congruent you will need to make sure all options are check, including “global”. This will save the entire section. After hitting the save option be sure to “update” your page.

B: Adding a global section to a page

To add a global section to your page click “Add From Library” and select the section you want to add. It’s that simple. Save and update.

C: Adding global modules

First you will need to add a section and row. Select your columns amount and then hit “Add Module”, next you will need to select “add from library”. Again, simply save and update.

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