Website and Viral Video for Justice For Leo

Donated Time: Website & Viral Video for Leo

Because Dogs Can’t Speak for Themselves

After learning Leo’s story, a German Shepard being held by animal control in Florence, South Carolina for nearly a month even though he neither bit nor attacked anyone, we couldn’t help but pitch to try to help out his cause.

We began by contacting Leo’s family and attaining their consent to create a video that would portray Leo’s story in a way that was both captivating and informing. The family provided us with essential media for the video and we worked tirelessly to create a compelling visual portrayal of Leo’s story.

Website design donated for Leo's support
Website design donated for Leo’s support

Need for website

While finishing the video we realized the final call to action would be rather difficult as the link to sign Leo’s petition was not at all easy to remember. Plus, eventually Leo’s story, we hope, will continue to affect change although the petition may be finalized at some point. Hence, a website would be the perfect place to send viewers where can eventually change the petition and awareness factors.

Success, it went viral!

On May 26th just days before Leo’s trial, the video went live on Facebook. The petition went from 8,000 signatures to over 70,000 in just 24 hours. It then reached over 100k as the video shares breached a thousand.

Doing Our Part

At least once a year we donate a significant amount of time to support a cause we believe in. We generally try to stay out of highly controversial and political issues for professional business purposes.

Submit Your Cause

If you have a cause or situation where you think IdeaSwell might be able to help, please contact us to submit your situation. Please be sure to include links to current articles and petitions with your submission.

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