How to add a manager to your Google Business listing

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Adding someone to help manage your Google Business listing is an easy process

By adding someone who is knowledgable in the forever changing google machine to help you manage your Google Business page can help you save a ton of time. If you hire a pro it can be the difference when a customer chooses you over the competition.

Keep your email and personal data safe by adding a Google Business manager

Aside from the time saver, and potential business growth, adding a Google Business manager will also help you keep your personal information private. In the past, a business owner would need to share his personal google password which would give the manager access to his emails. By assigning a Google Business Manager the new user will only have access to the Google Business listing.



Add a Google Business listing manager in 5 easy steps


Step 1. Sign in to your Google account

Head over to google and sign in. You can go direct to or on, in the top right of the screen hit the user icon.


Step 2. Add Users Icon

Now tap on the ‘Add Users’ icon in the top right hand side of the pop-up window.


Step 3. User name & email

Type the users first and last name. If they are in your contacts Google might autofill the data. If not, on the next line type the users email address. This address may need to be a google address (gmail).


Step 4. User role selection

Tap the drop down icon and select ‘Manager’ or your desired option. If you would like the user to have the ability to manage your listing, be sure to select ‘Manager’.


Final Step: Invite user to role

Hit the ‘INVITE’ option! This will send the user an email, inviting them to manage your Google Business listing.
**Important: The new user will need to accept the invitation in order to complete the process.

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