How to Change Facebook Business Page Ownership & Admin

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Looking to regain control of your facebook business page?


Have you sold the business and need to transfer the management & ownership of the page to a new owner?


Did you make a business page for a friend and are now looking to hand over the reigns?

If your answer is “yes“, or if there are similar circumstances, this article will help you make the transition.

When this article will not help:

You’ve lost your password to the Facebook profile in control of the business page.

If you need help recovering your password, here’s a great resource for you.

Ready to get started?

Let’s get your valuable marketing tool back in YOUR control! You likely already know the value in marketing your business on Facebook so don’t hesitate to make this transition. The longer you wait, the more leads you miss out on!

Up first on this guide we are going to show you the steps that need to take place to transfer the ownership. Afterwards, this article will provide an email template for you to utilize in contacting and instructing the other party on how they need to complete the ownership transfer process.

Terms To Know

To simplify this article, we are going to be using the following terms.


The individual seeking (or receiving) ownership of the Facebook business page.


The individual granting ownership of the Facebook business page.

You will need all of the following in order to complete the Facebook business page ownership transition:


Willing Holder

The holder will need to be willing to help you in your goal to attain ownership. If they are not, you are going to be fighting an uphill battle with Facebook support and there is a legitimate chance they will not grant you ownership, if you have a business license in your name and full proof of business ownership.

Jump down to this section for an email template you may use to send the current owner (holder) along with further instructions in the event they are un-cooperative with your transition.


Claimer Profile

Every Facebook Business Page needs to be tied directly to a regular Facebook Profile. In most cases this will be your personal profile. If you are a manager for a company we STRONGLY suggest that the owner of the company be the profile linked to the page as doing such will minimize the need to complete this change in the future. The admin can then select page managers so others may help manage the page.

You will need the primary email address on file for this individuals facebook profile.


Claimer 'likes' page

The claimer needs to like the Facebook business page in question in order for the holder to select them as an admin.

Step-By-Step Guide

DISCLAIMER: You may not hold IdeaSwell LLC responsible in the event something goes wrong and the page or ownership is lost or otherwise in a worse situation than when you started. We have based this guide on the information we were able to find and test. Use this guide at your own risk. We have however tested this technique and used it to help clients in the past. As of August 2020 this is a viable option. However, Facebook loves to change things.
Step 1.
User: Holder

From the business pages settings area, select ‘page roles’.

Input the claimers email address.

Select ‘admin‘ on the dropdown of user role options.

*In the event the ‘add’ button is not working: The individual receiving the admin role / attaining ownership needs to visit the business page and ‘like’ the page.  Once complete the button will work.

Step 2.
User: Claimer

Within your notifications area you should see an invitation to become an admin of the page.

Hit Accept

Step 2 - Accept Invitation As Admin
Step 3.
User: Holder

*First, double check that the Facebook profile of the proper Claimer is listed as an admin. If so, proceed:

From the same area in the Facebook Page’s settings area (page roles), under “Existing Page Roles”, you should now see at least two admins.

Hit the ‘edit’ option near your name/business manager name.

*If there are more than two admins, we suggest removing all that are not the claimer.

Edit Admin User Selection on Facebook Business Page
Step 4.
User: Holder

Hit the ‘remove’ option.

This will prompt a confirmation window. Be sure to read and understand the information about scheduled posts and if this is not of concern, hit ‘confirm’.

Finalize Ownership Transfer To New Page Owner
That wraps up the step-by-step guide on how to change the ownership / admin of a facebook business page.

Requesting Facebook Page Transfer

Requesting the current admin / owner to transfer your Business’s Facebook Business page may seem like a fairly straightforward endeavor. Often times it is, however we have seen everything from social media management companies not knowing how to transfer rights to disgruntled ex-employees un-willing to assist and everything in between. To help our clients we drafted an email template to help in these situations and are now sharing it with you.

If you end up using it, all we request is that you give our Facebook page a ‘like’. Thanks!

Pre-Email Sending Checklist

You will need all of the following in order to complete the Facebook business page ownership transition:


Balance Paid

In the event you are sending this to a company which helped you in some manner, such as social media marketing, it is customary that balances be paid off. Of course this assumes the balance owed is legitimate and not somehow inflated.

Keep in mind that some social media companies will act as middle men between companies and Facebook ad costs. Facebook does have a tendency to overcharge and ignore spending limits. If the company holding your page hostage is doing so in regards to a balance you didn’t approve of, check your contracts and request the company to show you proof of costs.

So long as there are no outstanding fees, you should be good to go from a legal standpoint.


Claimer Profile Selected

Be sure to know who the page will be transferred to. This does need to be an individual unless you have a Facebook Business Manager profile you may be able to use but even then, it will be tied back to an individuals profile.

Claimer 'likes' page

The claimer needs to like the Facebook business page in question in order for the holder to select them as an admin.

Informal Request

If you have a phone number to call the current owner, the best thing to try first is opening a conversation about your goals of attaining ownership rights to your page. If the current owner is indeed a digital marketer or someone who specializes in social media strategy, they shouldn’t need a guide to facilitate the request and instead will likely make it happen in minutes, instructing you on what to do.

Email Intention

This email has a few primary indicators for the recipient.

For one, it alerts them to your knowledge of the ownership transfer process. They will now know they cannot try and say such a thing isn’t possible, or is so complicated they should be compensated for their efforts.

Secondly, the reception of this email to a marketing company alerts them to your demeanor of the situation. They will read the somewhat legal terminology and may be much more willing to cooperate now to avoid future potential legal involvement.

This is [YOUR NAME] with [BUSINESS NAME] and we would like to formally request you transfer the ownership of our Facebook business page  (YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE URL) to us directly. Your company created the page over [INSERT NUMBER] years/months ago and although we appreciate your services, we would like to manage it ourselves.   Specifically, myself as I am an owner of the company.   

As we have fulfilled our financial obligations to your company we believe this is to be a very reasonable request.   

Please follow these instructions to complete the transfer: 


2.  Send me an email to inform me you have done so. 

3.  Await my confirmation of the new page role. 

4.  Remove yourself as an admin, unlike and unfollow the page.  

*Please also confirm reception of this email as soon as possible.  

If you need to confirm my identity please feel free to contact me through the page in question or via our website, [INSERT YOUR WEBSITES CONTACT PAGE URL HERE]

We greatly appreciate your assistance in facilitating this transfer. We look forward to engaging with our community on Facebook as soon as possible.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at [INSERT A CONTACT NUMBER]



*The template provided here assumes you are contacting some form of marketing company whom set up your page for you. This is the most common situation we see when working with clients.

**[YOUR NAME] should match the actual name of the Facebook profile you need the ownership of the facebook page transferred to. This will make for a smoother transition with the other party.

Be sure to indeed confirm that they have made you an “admin” and not simply a “manager”.  Step 4 is the only way to complete the transfer and it does have to be done on their end as they are the page creator.

Drastic Measures

In the event all of the above measures yield no response from the current owner, here’s a few further measures you may try to attain rightful ownership of your Facebook Business Page.

Become a Wrench

Every business is a machine. Find a way to become a wrench in their machine.

Call them twice a day, send multiple emails, call from numbers they don’t recognize.

Eventually you will begin to cost them so much time that they have no further choice but to assist in your transfer. However, if you’ve hired some giant marketing company (or a small scandalous one) they may not have a contact number and emails are easy to ignore.

Certified Letter

Print the email, date it and send it to them as a certified letter they have to sign for. Hopefully, when they realize the lengths you are willing to go, along with the fact they you now have a legally documented record of your legitimate request to attain what is arguably, legally, your digital property, they will abide your request.

Warn Others

If you are certain they are acting un-ethically, warn others by reviewing them on whatever public forums they may be listed on. It’s possible they offer you the ownership in exchange for removal of your bad reviews. Make certain you have the ownership rights before you remove the reviews. If you do make such a deal (which in and of itself is quasi-ethical) make sure to hold up your end of the bargain as they may otherwise have some negative feedback for you..

Contact Facebook Support

Writing this I certainly wish this could have been the first suggestion in the article instead of the last. However, having had to do just this, and seeing how difficult and sometimes even pointless contacting and working with Facebook support can be, it’s earned is place on this list.

You will have the best luck if your business page has a physical address listed that matches your business address. If that’s not the case there is still hope. Either way it will be an uphill battle and I wish you the best of luck.

Link to Facebook Support page


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