Marketing Consulting

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Marketing consulting is a service we have been performing indirectly for years as we often meet with clients to analyze the best selling approach for their website design and content schematic. All consulting services are done solely by the founder of, Clayton Brown Mayo, whom holds a bachelors in Marketing from the Accredited University of North Florida’s Coggin College of Business. He has also accrued a mass of experience while working for an online retailer, marketing their products by organizing successful sales campaigns and advertising solutions for over six years.

From now thru March of 2017 we are offering our marketing consulting at a base rate of $140 per hour & $300 thereafter.

Well versed in all things tech, our focus in marketing solutions is often digitally based. One major benefit of this focus is the low cost to companies in order to achieve a higher level of sales growth for a minimal investment.

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The more you know

General market consulting is just a small part of how we can help you grow your business online and overall revenues. Check out some of our most popular services below.

Web Design

Uniquely custom, highly appealing and engaging web design is our #1 specialty.

Search Engine Optimization

Boost your sites traffic & page rank with a custom tailored SEO strategy.

Web Development

We specialize in fully responsive and secure, website development.


Allow us to help you achieve your goals with a ‘word-flow’ that fits perfectly with the website design.