Online Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tips

Take advantage, don’t get taken this cyber season

Secret Tips

Abandon the cart
sign in to the company’s website, build a cart, and don’t complete the purchase. See if they send an additional incentive discount via email.

Subscriptions Are Fake Deals
Don’t buy subscription-based products. Saving $20 this month won’t do you any good next month, or the years after.

The Do’s and Do Nots

  • Make a list AND stick to the list.
  • Buy for others (Christmas shopping).
  • Know the normal sale price (check the day before).
  • Search multiple sites for the same product.
  • Check again on cyber Monday if it’s not a great deal.
  • Share this to help your friends 😉

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One Comment

  1. Great tips! Short and simple. I’m not usually shopping during cyber season unless I have something that I absolutely need. So in addition to these tips, I’ll say don’t be tempted to buy anything just because they are on sale.

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