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Product Photography for Dog Treat Company

E-commerce Website Product Photography

Recently we had the pleasure of generating image content for Cannavore, a company specializing in beef jerky for dogs. With the help of Poncha, Lola, and our professional product photography equipment we were able to capture the essence of the brand along with the beautiful nature of the pups.

This is of course just a small portion of the images we captured for the company. I will admit, this was my first time working with man’s best friend but am very happy with the outcome, as was the client.

Images Are Key to E-Commerce

When it comes to selling products online, the images you provide potential customers are the most important factor for success. 75% of shoppers consider a products photo to be paramount to their purchase decision. If you have an online shop, be sure to invest in professional product images or you may end up losing potential revenue.

In Pinellas & looking for pro website photos?

A great deal of the services we offer can be done remotely, but product photography needs to happen on location. However, in some instances, we are able to facilitate shipping your products directly to our studio. Our rates vary, so contact us today for a quick free quote.

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  1. As someone who loves dogs and have four of them, this post just made me smile. I know this isn’t even about dogs but that one in the pictures looks so adorable. Anyway, once in a while, I will try taking pictures of my dogs, but they seldom want to cooperate.

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