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Digital Marketing Down-Payment for Atlas Real Estate

Digital Marketing Down-Payment for Atlas Real Estate

  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Web Development



Project Details for Atlas Real Estate

Logo Design

Per the clients request we will design a logo as described:
“Thinking of three homes in a row, as in a neighborhood setting, with a small distance between them. The house in the center would be a more noticeable image and as its foundation Atlas would be on bent knee supporting that one home in the middle. End houses would be the lightest colors with Atlas being a little darker and then the center house to stand out a little more that Atlas. I’m not sure of the colors we should use though.”
We will design a first and second draft / version of the above logo and tertiary will be a third option / concept of our own design. Small revisions (color adjustments and minor changes) included.
If none of the three presented options are suitable the client may be charged up to $60 per additional concept.

Web Design

Firstly, we will be designing website to include the creation of an eye popping, user engaging, high converting, mobile friendly website. Our goal will be to create a website that stands the test of time. To do so we will utilize the absolute most current software and protocols available on today’s tech level. In order to create a strong foundation for high site traffic we will be building the top two primary search phrases into the website (SEO tactic).

Business Card Design & Print

Professional business card design. 2000 full gloss, front and back industry standard card stock.
$80 (Design)
$60 (Print fee)

Refund Policy

Web development down-payments are refundable at the complete discretion of the developers. If very little or no work has been done you will likely receive a full or partial refund.