Digital Marketing & Education for WSM

$2,400.00 / month for 3 months

  • Media Production
  • Ad Management
  • SEO
  • Writing
  • Social Media Posting
  • Graphics
  • General Marketing


3 month plan.  $2k/mo plus $1,200 educational fee.   $7,200 total.  $2,600 due up front.


First week we strategize content.

Second week we begin preparing content.

First month we also reevaluate all significant URLs and adjust and/or add content.

New blog posts and recipes are added to the site and we start juicing Google Maps and Facebook with links to both new and old content.


10 hours are being allocated for educational direction of your new team member, Ashley. Much of this will be directives and instruction given via email during the first 6 weeks of this 3-month plan. She will also be responsible for gathering and supplying new images taken on location. Part of her training will also encompass researching viable article topics and recipes.
We will be depending on her to not only learn, but also to work with us to help generate content. However, we will not wait for her. If a given deadline is missed we will proceed with whatever we have or skip it.

*Much of the technical sides of what we do simply cannot be easily taught. If she is able to spend upwards of 60 hours doing online education it may be possible for her to fully take over your SEO needs or at least do 95% of it. Otherwise, within the 10 Hours of my time I can least have her doing roughly 50% of the needed work by supplying content and even posting on your social accounts. Possibly even closer to 80% depending on how tech savvy and quick learning she is.

*note: October 25th thru October 30th are set to be black out days on our calendar. My support tech will be available during these days if issues occur and my writer will likely be prepping content. Some posts might also be pre-scheduled during this time.