Digital Marketing & On-Site Media Phase 3

$285.00 / week with a 7-day free trial and a $1,132.00 sign-up fee

  • Media Production
  • Web Design
  • Graphics
  • General Marketing


Payment Structure

Firstly, for the development and work that has already been done, the remaining amount due is $832. Previously I had you sign up to pay 3 payments of this amount. See below

New Budget Bereakdown
666 x 3 = 1998
+ 400 (branding & graphics)
+ 100 (photoshoot)
= 2,498
/ 3 = $832.66

However, I accidentally set this to expire in 2 weeks instead of three.

Hence, you paid the 832 amount on these dates:
May 30th | order number 216684
May 23rd | order number 216670

Thus, the “sign-up fee” for this order includes the missing payment (again, my fault there).


Phase 3 Digital Marketing

  • SEO
    We will create and post 2 articles a month along with a social media post at least once a week to Facebook (where the backlink matters) as well as a post to your Google Business once a week.
    Cost: $150/wk.
  • Google Ads
    To optimize the results of your Google Ad campaign, I will continue to remove wasteful search terms, add new terms and test the campaign. As we are now actually running two campaigns instead of one (roof washing and house washing now) this is a bit more than I quoted you at $65 a week instead of $50.
  • Media Production
    For the coming Monday shoot, the cost for the on-site portion of the shoot is $300. Post-production time spent will depend on what we shoot and the number of videos/complexity they require to edit. That amount will be billed at a later date.
    This $300 fee is being added to the initial payment / sign-up fee.


Budget Summary

Sign up fee:
832 (balance due) + 300 (Upcoming Monday media production)

Weekly fee:
Ads: $88/wk
SEO: $100/wk
Social Media: 100/wk


Why Weekly?

I’m setting this up for weekly as I feel you may be changing either your Google Ads strategy or the level of assistance you need with Facebook/Social Media