Digital Systems Development & Integration Part 2 for KMP


  • Web Design
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Inventory Solution Integration
  • Photography
  • Content Development
  • Marketing Consulting 


  • The Client: Kelli Bingman,, .
  • The Catering Website:  The new site will be built on a staging environment behind the scenes by the Developer and eventually go live onto the proper domain:
  • The Meal Prep Website:  The new site will be built on a staging environment behind the scenes by the Developer and eventually go live onto the proper domain:
  • The Developer / Photographer:  Clayton Mayo,, IdeaSwell LLC
  • Previous Developer:  Company that developed the previous website (Skyway).
  • The Project:  Build out of the new Catering Website, Consulting, Inventory System Enhancement & data integration, enhancing the usability systems and marketing for the meal prep website and all work to be performed under the basis of this digital marketing project.
  • We” – The developer/photographer/primary project manager for this project, Clayton Mayo, and his team at Idea Swell LLC.


Ultimately, this contract locks in the full Idea Swell team to help with all facets of digital operations for both Kelli’s Meal Prep and Kelli’s Catering.  During the month of October and the first two weeks of November.

Phase 1 for Catering

Generally, we do a lot of discovery on a project before breaking ground, however, in the case of the catering website we already know we can accomplish all goals with WordPress and WooCommerce, so we will be starting with building out the site based on content on the current site.

Meanwhile, we will also be determining all the needed parameters to bring Kelli’s Catering customers the ultimate catering experience.

The client will have the option to take the new site live without the e-commerce functionality activated.  Each meal option will have it’s own product page, however there will not be any “add to cart” / “buy” options if this route is taken.  Going live early however will slightly effect the overall build budget.

We do expect phase 1 to be complete by November 5th, and possibly even able to launch the site without online sales by October 22nd.


Continued Features For Meal Prep

As there is still a lot of room for improvement on the Meal Prep website, we are including this work into this project contract.

Additional features to include, yet not limited to:

  • Configure all add-on meal options to be subscribable
  • UpSells on cart for users with single fit or family meals in cart
    • multiple instances upsells dependent on cart contents
  • More “how-to” guides for Master Documentation
  • Add numbers to all products (1 – 5)
  • Add FAQs to cart/checkout
  • Add more images throughout the website
  • Add popup – new user promo / optional sales
  • Add abandoned cart tracker
  • Enhance design for new Coupon Code / Specials Page
  • Enhance mobile design features
  • Add ‘Select All’ button to primary bundle products.
  • Continued weekly photography

Data Population

I’ll bring an assistant to help with populating TPP with the recipe data and work to also implement a matching SKU system so exports from each system can be aligned within excel.

Project Budget

Really simplifying this as I’d rather be spending time on the project directly than explaining the costs but just know, my team has grown and the people I work with are more dedicated than in previous months.  Hence, higher short-term cost, faster timelines/turnaround.


Catering Website Build Estimate

Phase 1: $9,000
Phase 2: $4,000 – $11,000.


Meal Prep Website Continued Development

Current Balance Due:  2,600
*I didn’t realize your payment did not come out on Wednesday, October 5th  

Photography:  8 Weeks remain, plus additional shooting of new location: $3,400


Down Payment for Catering Site Project

$3,000.  Due Oct 11th.  
Payment for continued development of the Meal Prep website

$3,300.  Due Oct 11th.  


Total due October 11th



Next Payment:  This will be dependent on how much the team works and how much information for the new site requirements we are able to gather during the next 10 days.    

$3,500 – 5,000.  To be Due October 22nd


Future Payment Schedule

Third Payment Due November 3rd. est. $4,000 
Fourth Payment Due November 17th. est. $4,000 


Data Population

This will be dependant on Mo’s availability and organization/readiness with his recipes that need to go into TPP.  Likely to take a week and we will need to pay an assistant roughly $25/hr for upwards of 40 hours and thus:  $800 budget.  To paid once scheduled.


For catering site I’d estimate you’ll end up around $800/year and as much as $100/mo paid to 3rd party software suppliers.  I’ll be paying for it upfront and sending invoice for reimbursement with receipts upon going live.


Trusted Design:

Built into the budget for your project is sufficient time allocated for adjustments after you have seen the finished product. However, performing a complete re-design of the site would entail a cost upwards of your initial design cost.   We assume you have seen are work and are hiring Idea Swell because you have trust in your abilities.


Extensive Design Revisions:

In the event the client requires far more revisions than what we consider ‘normal’ there will be additional charges. If this becomes the case we will inform you prior to starting the tally for such charges.


Website Outages

Whether this ends up a Shopify build or WordPress, a site outage will not be within our control to directly fix.  If you experience a site outage on Shopify, you will be able to log in to your account. and contact a Shopify support rep.  If WordPress, and on our support plan, we will contact WP Engine for you.  If we are unreachable, please contact WP Engine directly.

You will be given a website operational guide upon the completion of the build which will have more detailed instructions on what to do in the event of an outage.

*Woocommerce Site Maintenance 


Only applicable if we build the site out with WordPress & Woocommerce

Security & Ongoing Testing

E-commerce level security including weekly software updates & checking site for issues after updates (site loading properly, etc). We also integrate and configure a premium framework security system. This system requires regular updates and is tested monthly.

Ultimately, the Woocommerce build would be comprised of many plugins working together to create the total website.   Each week we will be running whatever available updates the site may have.  We also monitor all plugins in use for immediate updating of security patches.

If an update causes an issue or function flaw we will then troubleshoot to determine which plugin caused the issue and either directly fix it, or roll the site back to the previous version, inform the plugin developer and pursue them until the flawed software is fixed.

Software Licensing

We will utilize a premium theme, backup system, security suite and performance add-on for your website project. We pay yearly and monthly for the usage of these software systems and sub-license this software to clients at a minimal fee.

Monthly cost:  $250. -$340.  This will depend on the final build, the amount of plugins needed and the level of expertise those plugins developers have.


Opting out of Site Maintenance.  The client will need to sign a security waiver and purchase the sub-licensed software.   The client is not required to purchase the software, yet without it the site will become vulnerable to threats as security patches are released.  The estimate for software licenses provided by the developer is $500/year.


Website Support


Whether you go with Shopify or Woocommerce, you may elect to hire me on a retainer basis.  I offer a discounted rate for clients on monthly support retainers.   Given the huge change-up of operations, it would likely benefit you to retain me for 10 hours a month during the initial few months after the site launch.  I do require a minimum three-month commitment for support retainers.

Support rate on retainer:  $65/hour
Support rate off retainer:  $110/hour

*Bonus:  Local clients on retainers may utilize un-used hours on our media services (photo/video).  Only optional in the last 10 days of the month at hand and media bonus hours are counted as 1.5 support hours.  Generally, media services are priced over $200/hour.  Must be booked at least 3 days in advance and may be no more than 50% of total monthly support hours.

*Our ‘bonus media hours‘ system is currently an avenue we are testing and can only guarantee this being available thru February 2023.