Digital Systems Development & Integration

$2,640.00 every 2 weeks for 12 weeks

  • Web Design
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Inventory Solution Integration
  • Photography
  • Content Development
  • Marketing Consulting 

This product/payment subscription

Projected Project Payments to IdeaSwell LLC

Hourly rate: $44.
30hr/week: $1,320
12-week Total: $15,840. *estimate
14-week total: $18,480. Really only likely in the event additional features are added or you opt to have us fully populate the data on-location into the new inventory system.

$2,640 paid bi-weekly via auto-recurring credit card charge for up to 14 weeks. *12 weeks*Adjusted post-contract signing. If we go past the 12-week mark the client will be informed and the additional weeks will be accounted for.

*It is also possible we get as far as possible in 6 or 8 weeks and pause your payments until you are into the new facility. However, we cannot hang in limbo while blocking off time for the project indefinitely.

Stopping Payments & Cancelling Subscription

The client may log in to their account here on and use the “my account” dashboard to cancel the payments subscription at any time. Refunds of previous payments will be done only at the discretion of the developer. The ongoing work performed will speak for itself, and thus we are not digging deep into a “refunds” or “project cancellation” disclaimer.



Project costs not covered in this payment subscription


Expert Consulting & Development (3rd Parties):

I will be consulting with specialists for Shopify and/or Woocommerce development along with inventory management specialists. Through paid consulting with experts in these core functions of the project and properly conveying the needs and processes used by Kelli’s Meal Prep with well-designed flow charts we can efficiently determine the optimal solutions for long-term stability and scalability for the client.

We may also utilize the expert-level services of an advanced developer to integrate advanced features onto the site or assist with advanced inventory integration functionalities.
Estimated monthly 3rd party costs:
Month 1: $900.
Month 2: $700
Month 3: $400



Data Entry Assistance

Given the current state of inventory data available in the system which we plan to depreciate we can see that the current Kelli’s Meal Prep staff does not have the time or resources to populate the data. I’ll bring in an assistant to help me integrate the recipe and general inventory data into the new inventory tracking system.

This assistant will likely also help with populating the product data onto the website to assure an efficient timeline is kept for the overall project.

Estimated assistant costs: $960.
Basically six full days of full-time data entry at $20/hr. I will need an assistant of the highest caliber to assure data entry is done carefully, correctly, and efficiently. This will be an individual of my choosing.
*Optional: Once we are well into the data population for the meal prep inventory we can also look at beginning work for the catering-related inventory. This may require more time for the assistant and potential overtime for Idea Swell, but if we are on a roll, it would be cost-effective to move forward instead of losing steam. I will present you with this option when we get to that point assuming the timeline is on track.

Development & Inventory Solution Totals

IdeaSwell Fees: $15,840. (This payment subscription)
*3rd Party Consulting & Dev: $2,000 *Not included in this payment
*Data Entry Assistance: $960 *Not included in this payment

*3rd Party fees have been approved to be virtually doubled (an additional $3,000) in the event such a budget is warranted upon getting deep into the work.

3rd Party Payments

For 3rd party consulting services / Assistant Data Entry / Software
Also due now: $2,000 paid via PayPal:
2nd and 3rd-month fees based on what was used in the first month. Also possible we plow through the project and need to fund this pool before a month’s time is up.

Software, consultants, experts & assistant transaction payment receipts will be provided to the client each month. Any remaining balance will be refunded to the client at the end of the project.