Final Web Development Payment for BrandeeLand


  • Planned Web Development $1,450
  • Additional Development $500
  • Add-Ons: $212

Final Development Payment for

Cost Breakdown

Development remainder:
Development content additions: 500

Event Add-on: 22 (can’t find the invoice for this but if you’d like I can screenshot the item and payout from my PayPal.

*invoices attached to email for the following:
WP-Rocket: 99 (will need each year)
Golden Plains font: $42 (couldn’t use demo version) one-time payment.

Imigify: 49.90 (might not need this next year). Waiting until the revision period is done to purchase this and run the image compression / optimization. Will send invoice after purchase but easier to bill you for this now and include it with this payment.

Total: $2,162 (rounded down)

Refund Policy

Web development down-payments are refundable at the complete discretion of the developers. If very little or no work has been done you will likely receive a full or partial refund.