ideaSwell Customer Support for Atlas Real Estate

$30.00 / month with a 8-day free trial

  • Premium Web Support



We encourage our clients to learn about the content management system in order to easily update and add content to their websites. However, we understand that not everything is easy and fast to change so we offer different levels of support for our clients.
Locked in rate: By signing up for out monthly services you are locking in a lower rate for additional hours of development or updates.  This rate is $60 an hour

Cancelation Policy

You may cancel at anytime. Cancelation of site support will not effect your website hosting or security. However, in the event you need assistance with your website the charge will be a minimum of one hour, paid prior to the needed work being done. Current hourly rate is $125.

How to cancel:
You must cancel prior to the upcoming recurring month. Refunds and partial credits are not options with the support fees. To cancel, either log into your account on and click “manage subscriptions” and follow the prompts to cancel. OR – Email AND text us and be sure to acquire a confirmation response from one or the other.