ideaSwell Media Production Services


  • On-Site Videography
  • On-Site Photography
  • Drone Shots
  • Media organization

Project Summary

This is a long-awaited opportunity to acquire some much-needed media which will help you get more commercial parking lot jobs, and more jobs in general for that matter.  This media will also be of huge help when it comes to your ongoing SEO strategy and overall digital presence.

This will include gathering video content that can later be used to create some epic ads and YouTube videos for the company, however, this budget does not include the post-production of such videos. For now it’s just about the material and the organization of the media.


Shoot Schedule

Shoot 1: 6/28. Before shots. 30 mins.
Shoot 2: 6/30. Morning. Action shots of area prep and demolition. 60 – 90 mins.
Shoot 3: 6/30. Afternoon. Action shots of laying asphalt. 60 – 90 mins.
Shoot 4: Unknown. Action shots of stripping. 30 mins.
Shoot 5: Unknown. After shots of lot. Likely day after striping. Evening shoot for least shade cast on parking lot assuming vehicle traffic parking is a non-issue. Will confer with you on this prior scheduling shoot. 30 mins.



Total shoots: 5
On-site Time: 210 – 270 mins
Travel time: 50 mins (10 mins per round trip)
Equipment prep time: 50 mins (10 mins per shoot)
Media import and organization: 120 mins
Total: 8 hours (rounded).

Media production with drone rate for non-clients: $300/hour.
Media production with drone rate for clients: $200/hour.

Total: $1,648
Additional long-term client discount: -$200
Final Total: $1,448

Payment structure: Single Payment