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Balance Pay-off

Your up-front $60 payment is for August ($50), plus September ($10). I’m gifting you October, November and December but your new payment will kick in just before the new year (in two months) at a rate of $20 a month.


Although WordPress is a great search engine optimization and contentment management platform, it runs a database with a user interface susceptible to digital threats. All our sites are built with advanced security protocols in place. Regular malware scans will be run to alert us to any potential security breaches or areas in need of patching.
Backups: In order to have a full proof back up plan in place we perform regular backups of client websites. In the event of a security breach we will first make a complete clone of the infected website, restore the live site to a previous, non-infected version, and then we will go back to the cloned, infected site in order to understand where the breach came from.


Allotted hours at this rate: 0.
Locked in rate: By signing up for out monthly services you are locking in a lower rate for support hours.


We offer a few different options for hosting solutions dependent on our clients needs. E-commerce websites require a server with a higher level of security while high traffic ad websites require more server resources. All of our hosting solutions include a complete site speed optimization overhaul in order to minimize website load time. We utilize some of the best cloud servers available with an average of .01% down time. Most likely, if you site is ever to go down, you nor your site visitors will ever notice the outage.