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  • On-Site Videography
  • Post Production
  • Three Total Videos
  • Photography

Video Production Contract

for Awakening into Wellness

This Contract is between Awakening into Wellness / Maria Carranza (the “Client”) an IdeaSwell LLC (the “Videographer / Photographer / Production Company”).


Kicking off a new business relationship sure to bring both parties further in their successes, we will be creatively crafting a promotional video for the upcoming “Awaken Into Ballywood” event. Up next, we will be coordinating with the client to shoot footage of the establishment and it’s service offerings to be used with a touch of event coverage in order to produce a captivating, lead generating video for social media. Lastly, we’ll develop a creative video which tells the story of the “Awaken into Ballywood” event. We will also be generating professional photography that the main event.



On-Site Productions

First Shoot: On location, four hours with staff and willing participants / clients. This will need to be planned in advance, and participants during this shoot will need to sign likeness usage waivers. It will be up to the client to organize and manage the service providers (Awaken Into Wellness Staff / 3rd parties who use the space) and the clients they will be working with. To keep your costs at a minimum, it would be best to do this all in one day. If we need to travel and set up on location multiple days to generate the needed footage the costs will be significantly higher. See budget section for more information.

Date: To be determined

Time: To be determined

Duration: 2 to 16 hours.

Media: Video

Team: One man team.

Potentially save $1,100:

In this video, (from your website’s home page) I see there are a lot of the same style shots I would need to make the ‘viral-style lead capture video’. If the original videographer could share those raw files, it could save you anywhere from $200 to $1,100 on the overall production cost.

If we go this route, the final payment would be discounted accordingly to the amount of work these shots save us. *I would also need this footage by June 18th.

Second Shoot: On location on June 26th 2021 from 6:00pm to midnight. We will be capturing a great deal of the event with both videography and photography.

Date: June 26th 2021

Time: 6:00pm to midnight

Duration: 6 hours.

Media: Video & Photo

Team: Two man team (Second shooter on-site 7:30 to 11pm)

Additional: Drone work is not guaranteed due to local flight restrictions.




Video 1: For starters we will be generating a short promotional video to be used on social media (facebook & Instagram) between 15 and 30 seconds long with a goal of promoting the Awaken into Ballywood event. We will use footage we already have of the Movement Sanctuary performers along with footage provided by the client for this video.


Production Cost: $0

Post-Production Cost: $250 – 400

Deadline: Delivered to client by 5pm Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

Video 2: Viral-style, lead generating video: Using primarily footage from Shoot One, we will craft a video that informs the viewers of what the Awaken into Wellness center brings the St. Pete area. Crafted in a ‘story-telling’ style, keeping the viewer entertained will help this video to be useful in generating new clients.

*Disclaimer: We make no guarantees that this video will in fact go “viral”. It is up to your social media team to share this video and even with their best efforts, achieving “viral” level shares and engagement simply may not happen as there is no exact science to it.


Production Cost: $0 – $1,100 (higher end if we have to shoot on location multiple times. Lower end if all needed footage is provided).

Post-Production Cost: $900 – $1,400 (higher end for excessive revisions).

Deadline: Delivered to client by Monday, July 24th, 2021

Video 3: This will be a one to three minute long re-cap video incorporating the best possible shots we get on location at the June 26th ‘Awaken into Ballywood’ event.

Production Cost: $500

Post-Production Cost: $600 – $900 (higher end for excessive revisions).

Deadline: Delivered to client by Monday, July 14th, 2021

Photography: Similar to the video content from video three (above), we will be doing photography during the ‘Awaken into Ballywood’ event to showcase the event.

Production Cost: $300 (higher end if we are able to launch the drone).

Post-Production Cost: $200

Deadline: Delivered to client by Monday, July 14th, 2021

Raw Files: Any content, whether photo or video will be slightly organized and fully delivered via physical hard-drive.

Cost: $100


Vid 1 – Event Promotion

Production: $0

Post-Production: $250 – $400

Vid 2 – Viral Lead Generating

Production: $0 – $1,100

Post-Production: $900 – $1,400

Vid 3 – Recap

. Production: $500

Post-Production: $600 – $900


Production: $300

Post-Production: $200

Raw Files

Cost: $100


Low end: $2,850

High end: $4,400

Revisions Disclaimer:

Although the higher end of the budget assumes revisions are needed, if extensive revisions are required the final cost could be higher than the “high end”. If this becomes the case we will request your approval before breaching the higher quoted price point.

Optional Add Ons: *May be added later

Landscape Version Viral:

For the viral-style lead capturing video, we can also edit a 1920×1080 version which would work well on YouTube and your website. Instead of the custom subtitles, we would add a voice over. Otherwise, the main edit of this video would be a 1×1 (square video) which displays well on Instagram and also works on Facebook.

Cost: $600

Facebook Specific Version Viral:

Instead of 1×1, square aspect ratio, this video would be eded to be 880w x 1180h, allowing it to take up more screen real estate for Facebook viewers.

Cost: $300

Payment Structure

Deposit of 50% of low end due by June 4th. $1,425

Second payment of 25% due June 28th. $712 (more if optional add-ons are requested. See section above for more details)

Final payment due July 28th. (price dependent on work done and optional add-ons)

Terms, Conditions & Disclaimers


If you elect to have your other videographer provide footage for us to use in Video 2, the viral, lead generating video, we do require this footage is provided by June 18th, 5pm EST to be viable in producing said video.


Once the deposit is paid the client may cancel services with the following outcomes:

Cancelled before June 13th = 30% of deposit refunded.

Cancelled between June 14th & June 25th = 15% refunded.


Once this contract is signed and deposit is paid we will request approval to fly on the event day. If we are not given ‘same-day’ approval, we will have to go through a more in-depth process in an attempt to acquire approval. It is possible we are denied and unable to perform drone work during the event. If this happens we will use other methods to achieve high angle shots, however not nearly as high as the drone can achieve. We will however still create an epic, captivating video with or without drone footage.


Once the final videos have been edited, the client will be able to view it on Vimeo Pro (private link) with the production companies watermark on it. The client will have 5 business days to request revisions to the video with the exception of the promo video. The promo video will only have a 24 hour revisions window. If the client does not review the video or give any feedback within this timeframe the client must accept the video ‘as-is’ and pay the second payment on the 6th day after it’s initial completion and third payment as agreed upon in this contract.


Through assessing the production company’s current portfolio and proper planning, the client agrees that the first given edit will be close to, if not exactly what was expected / requested. In the event it is not, the client may request minimal revisions for one additional edit. “Minimal” implies these edits can be completed within four hours. If these revisions are more extensive, the client will be billed accordingly at a rate of $85/hr.

*Exporting, compressing and uploading a single edit takes one hour.

*Complete re-edit.

In the event the client requires the video to be completely re-worked from start to finish, taking more than 12 hours edit time, the client must pay the second payment prior this edit being done.

Likeness Waiver:

Although a likeness waiver will be posted at the filming location, it is possible a customer is unhappy with the usage of their likeness for marketing purposes. In the event a customer has already entered the area and has failed to notice the waiver and makes public their dissatisfaction with being on camera, we will halt filming or redirect the cameras away from them.


Music Licensing.
We utilize & for all music and a plethora of sound effects. When the final edits are transferred, you will be given the downloaded licenses for any tracks used in your videos. Even with a paid copyright usage, it is possible a claim is made toward final videos via YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. As rare as this is, it does occasionally happen. In the event it happens to one of your videos it will be your (the clients) responsibility to provide the audio license to the claimant. The client hereby acknowledges and attests they will take on full responsibility of any copyright claims made on the videos we provide.


Raw Reselling.
Although the client is being provided raw files, they do not have full rights to sell this media to 3rd parties. Said media may also not be sold as ‘stock’ footage on 3rd party websites. If said media is given to a 3rd party, it is up to the client to inform the 3rd party they may not resell the media.


Client Owns All Work Product.

As part of this job, the Production Company is creating “work product” for the Client. To avoid confusion, work product is the finished product, as well as drafts, notes, materials, mockups, designs, inventions, patents, code, raw video footage, raw photos and anything else that the Production Company works on—that is, conceives, creates, designs, develops, invents, works on, or reduces to practice—as part of this project, whether before the date of this Contract or after. The Production Company hereby gives the Client this work product once the Client pays for it in full. This means the Production Company is giving the Client all of its rights, titles, and interests in and to the work product (including intellectual property rights), and the Client will be the sole owner of it. The Client can use the work product however it wants or it can decide not to use the work product at all. The Client, for example, can modify, destroy, or sell it, as it sees fit. This includes all the usable raw files gathered / captured on location. Raw files to be transferred via hard-drive through USPS certified mail.


Production Company’s Use Of Work Product.
Once the Production Company gives the work product to the Client, the Production Company does not have any rights to it, except those that the Client explicitly gives the Production Company here. The Client gives the Production Company permission to use the work product as part of the Production Company’s portfolio and websites, in galleries, and in other media, so long as it is to showcase the Production Company’s work and not for any other purpose. The Production Company is not allowed to sell or otherwise use the work product to make money or for any other commercial use. The Client is not allowed to take back this license, even after the Contract ends.


The Client’s Confidential Information.
While working for the Client, the Production Company may come across, or be given, Client information that is confidential. This is information like customer lists, business strategies, research & development notes, statistics about a website, and other information that is private. The Production Company promises to treat this information as if it is their own confidential information. The Production Company may use this information to do its job under this Contract, but not for anything else. The Production Company will not disclose this information to any other parties unless directed to do so by the Client.