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E-Commerce Web Development Down Payment + Site Security & Support for Gard’n Clean

E-Commerce Web Development Down Payment + Site Security & Support for Gard’n Clean

  • Down Payment for Web Development
  • Support
  • Security

$35.00 / month with 1 month free trial and a $1,800.00 sign-up fee

Cancel Anytime


Web Development Down Payment

(half the minimum site build cost (2400/2 = 1200) plus 2/3’s of the content generation cost ($600).


Total final build cost minus 1800.
Due within 5 business days of site completion.
If revisions are extensive, additional functionality is requested causing the build-time to exceed 30 days this payment will be estimated and then split with half due at the 30 day mark after project start date and the remainder due within 10 business days of completion


Content Generation Start: Sunday, August 23rd
*Contingent on the preliminary project requirements
6 Day Content Delivery Timeline: We will have the content prepared for review by Sunday, August 30th.
*Up to 4 day review/revise period. Please take no longer then 4 days to review and approve the content. This may be done solely by Nicole Morris for efficiency purposes.
14 Day Build Timeline: May be effected by amount of additional content provided. Hence why the preliminary requirements are ordered as such.
This could start as early as August 30th and as late as September 3rd.
Site Revisions Period: 6 Days.
Site Transition Period: 1-3 Days. *During which time the current site may go offline.
Site Launch: Depending on content revisions phase and the primary revisions phase the site could go live as early as September 15th and as late as September 26rd.

Security & Support

This fee will be auto recurring each month for the duration of the life of the site.
However, it may be cancelled at anytime by the client and the site will not be effected directly as IdeaSwell is not directly providing hosting.
If cancelled, the website will quickly become vulnerable to cyber threats and support hours will be a flat rate of $95, rounded up. This rate may increase in 2021.