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IdeaSwell Web Development & Marketing Down Payment

IdeaSwell Web Development & Marketing Down Payment

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Web Development & Marketing Down Payment

Payment for half the estimated minimum Idea Swell services fee for this project (rounded up)
*second payment may be significantly lower if the client does not require the amount of work anticipated. In the event our services begin to exceed the higher end ($4,000) for the second payment, the client will be informed prior to excess work being done.

*Why $4,000 and not $5,900?
Just to be clear here, although your budget is 10k, that includes costs to 3rd party companies we anticipate to be as high as $3,000. Thus the max we intend to keep our fee is $7,000. 7,000 minus the downpayment equals out to $4,000.

Important Note

The plan for a single site has evolved into a plan for two sites. The site may house some of the content originally intended for the website, however, in the event this second site becomes a significantly larger project during this first development phase than originally planned you may reach your maximum budget sooner than expected. We will however inform you prior exceeding the budget.

Excerpt from contract:

Budget Notes:
*$13,825 will not be your total for the initial build out. In the event we begin to see our involvement for factors such as content generation, press release management, ads management or marketing consulting reaching the higher end of the estimate we will inform you, and reel back our time spent. Also, the “workshops” will be done last, and you may elect to use the budget originally intended for that with our other other services.
Hence, we can and unless otherwise directed by you, will keep your budget under $10,000 for the primary project of marketing the Website and Film.
*It is possible you need far less help then we estimate and thus your total may come in under $8,975.
This project originally began as a single site build. We are willing to build the second, smaller site ( with bare minimum content for legal purposes. The new plan is to take some of the content that was intended for and use it on, and interlinking the two sites. As the overall content will still be the same amount, this will not effect budget. However, when the client is ready for further building out the website with a greater amount of content, this may come under a secondary build phase which has not been considered in this budget, however we do not foresee this cost exceeding a few thousand.

Budget Screen Shot