3-Month SEO for Wild Seafood Market

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3 Month Accelerated Website Ranking Strategy

“Ranking” instead of “SEO” because this strategy will consist of both SEO, SEM & Social Media Marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Improving the ranking of a website through content, back-linking and other methods which are technically “organic” by nature.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Using paid methods to acquire site traffic such as PPC (pay-per-click) Ads. Facebook and Instagram ads are other SEM methods. We custom tailor SEM campaigns to also help the website’s organic listing with properly formatted ads and ad verbiage. With this method, we ultimately utilize SEM as a extra boost for a website’s organic ranking.

Social Media Marketing: Via Facebook, Instagram and possibly even Tik-Tok, we will create both paid ads and organic posts all with the primary goal of increase the websites ranking on search results. Subsequently, these efforts are also likely to yield direct sales.

Key Term Summary

Once the site goes live, we can begin an extensive ranking strategy to help Wild Seafood compete on for organic rankings for the following key terms:

Wild Seafood Market
Online Seafood Market
Shop Seafood Online
Buy Fish Online
Buy Fish Online Florida 
Buy Fresh Fish Online Florida
Buy Seafood Online
Buy Seafood Online Florida 
Buy Seafood Fish Online Florida
Buy Grouper Online
Buy Grouper Online Florida 
Buy Grouper Fish Online Florida
Florida Seafood

*Note: This is merely a starter list. We will be adjusting this during the first few days of the on-site SEO project based on industry research and competitor analysis. As time goes on, and more and more SEO is done, we will be targeting a much larger list of primary, secondary and complimentary key terms related to your niche.

Strategy Summary

Although our main goal will be to increase local (Pinellas) and Florida based sales, in order to do so we will inadvertently have to target certain terms on a national level to increase the overall domain authority of the website.

By utilizing a mix of both SEO and SEM we will craft a professional ranking strategy which will yield both immediate sales via the SEM and long-term sales via SEO. However, the SEM is also key to quickly ranking the website overall as traffic to the site, regardless of it’s origin (in most cases) helps the organic rank rise.

Other tools (platforms) in our ranking battle include your Google Business listing and social accounts. Through effectively optimizing such accounts we can also help the site rise organically.

Example: As Wild Seafood Company rises from the Google Maps position from #8 to #4, Google also pulls your website up on the organic ranks a few spots (key term dependent) and the exact opposite can also ring true. That is, your organic site ranking can help push your Google Maps ranking higher.

Thus, our ranking strategy will also consist of utilizing these platforms to boost your website ranking through optimization and postings.