SEO Max Strategy for WildSeafoodCo


  • Search Engine Optimization


SEO: A professional press release and backlinks brought in from directory listings will be our primary focus. We will also complete multiple blog posts and create the blog section/system on the website.

SEM: Geared at Domain authority by utilizing the cheapest possible PPC ratio within the state of Florida for a non-primary key-term. These ad dollars will like not to yield much in sales but are instead geared toward site traffic.

Social SEM: If the higher budget is chosen (“Platinum” or “Max”, we will help produce 2 short video ads to be used on Facebook and Instagram.


The amount paid to IdeaSwell, in total, for the first month of SEO is $4,600.

The second month of SEO work will commence 30 days after the site is live.

Google Ads: I am discounted my rate by $200 ($4,800 was the proposed number) for the first month to account for the 20% that is charged by my partner who is an expert level Google Ads manager. His fee is based on ad-spend, and we will keep your Google Ads budget for the first month at or below $1,000. This rate of 20% is industry standard and with this partner on board, we will see a huge increase in results.