SEO Max Strategy for WSC Month 2


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Digital Marketing


SEO: The second month of this SEO campaign will have a heavy focus on content (new recipes, articles & on-site additional content), backlinking and video work. As imagery is one an excellent means to increase user’s time spent on site (thus increased ranking / SEO boost) AND one the foremost means to increase conversion rates, we are crafting a custom-made base backdrop to shoot all your primary, currently available products. We will also store this custom rig and re-use it as more product options come into availability.

SEM: Geared at Domain authority by utilizing the cheapest possible PPC ratio within the state of Florida for a non-primary key-term. These ad dollars will like not to yield much in sales but are instead geared toward site traffic.

*Update, we are going to also branch the Ad Spend budget into low hanging, national-level site traffic and potential sales. We will be keeping a close eye on conversion rates to compare our local/Florida clicks to out-of-state clicks.


The amount paid to IdeaSwell, in total, for the second month of SEO & marketing is $4,600.

The Third month of SEO work will commence 30 days after the site is live.

First month’s Google Ad fee: We generally charge this fee based on ad-spend, at the following month of services. However as your Google Ads was not performing well for conversions, we greatly pulled back both the budget and complexity to which we would normally operate an ads account. For this reason, we are not charging you any fee based on ad-spend for the first month.