Site Maintenance for PowerWashingRi

$45.00 / month and a $225.00 sign-up fee

  • Security
  • Backups
  • Software Licensing

Site Maintenance Outstanding Balance

Months January thru July: $45/mo = 315.

Two free months: -$90

= 225.

Paid in advance each month brings your current tally to $270

Site Maintenance


E-commerce level security including bi-weekly software updates & checking site for issues after updates (site loading properly, etc). We also integrate and configure a premium framework security system. This system requires regular updates and is tested monthly.


We run backups on your entire website every day. These are hosted on a cloud server separate from your server for optimal backup redundancies.

Software Licensing

We will utilize a premium theme, backup system, security suite and performance add-on for your website project. We pay yearly and monthly for the usage of these software systems and sub-license this software to clients at a minimal fee.