Site Security, Backups & Software Licensing + Updates

$35.00 / month and a $400.00 sign-up fee

  • Backups
  • Security
  • Software Licensing


Estimate for work needed on based on the following:

Take off wastewater recovery
Get rid of indoor services
Implement new videos on their respective pages
Integrate the new logo across the site
Change the header video to include new footage of everyone in the field
On about page put picture of equipment in field and everyone
Clean up the top header on main page to get rid of rectangles on sides so video does not show through when you scroll
How can we speed up the website loading time?
Add a career page

$400 – $600

The “sign up fee” is the minimum development fee. You will be sent another payment link after the work is complete to pay the remainder. If the work begins to exceed the $600 mark you be notified prior it breaching that threshold.

Security & Support

This fee will be auto recurring each month for the duration of the life of the site unless cancelled.
It may be cancelled at anytime by the client and the site will not be effected directly as IdeaSwell is not directly providing hosting.
If cancelled, the website will quickly become vulnerable to cyber threats and support hours will be a flat rate of $95, rounded up. This rate may increase in 2021.