Site Hosting, Security, Backups & Software Licensing

$35.00 / month

  • Backups
  • Security
  • Software Licensing

IdeaSwell’s Website Services Package


Although WordPress (the system which your website is built upon) is a great SEO, Design and CMS (content management system) platform, it runs a database with a user interface susceptible to digital threats. All our sites are built with advanced security protocols in place. Updates will be performed two times a month and general site functionality will be checked after all major updates (theme/builder & WP version).


Each week your site will be fully backed up onto a completely different server to a assure full redundancies in the event of a security breach or client-based mishap.

Site Speed (*license):

We utilize a premium performance plugin for which we pay yearly for our clients sites. The yearly fee for this add-on is included in your monthly fee. This is a complicated add-on and often needs to be adjusted based on WP release versions. We keep it running smoothly.
Premium Theme/Builder (*license) The license fee for the Divi builder (theme and content builder used to make your site relatively easy to manage on our own) we use is also included in this recurring charge.

Hosting: The servers we rent to host our clients site carry high yearly fees which we cover, and charge clients a small portion of the cost. These servers are high speed, cloud based machines which have redundancies via multiple server housings throughout the US and the UK.

Monthly Auto-Recurring Fee

This fee will be auto recurring each month for the duration of the life of the site unless cancelled.
It may be cancelled at anytime by the client and the site will not be effected directly as IdeaSwell is not directly providing hosting.
If cancelled, the website will quickly become vulnerable to cyber threats and support hours will be a flat rate of $95, rounded up. This rate may increase in 2022.

**Important Disclaimer

Sites hosted on our servers are not fully accessible to clients for advanced integration and design changes. This is done for the safety and security of all sites on the server.

What the client can do:
– Access and edit the content on pages and posts such as text and inline imagery.
– Publish new posts and pages.
– Upload new gallery images

What the client cannot do:
*This also applies to any individual working on behalf of the client, regardless of their level of tech expertise.
– Edit the design of the website such as the header and footer (top and bottom areas of the site that remain constant on each page) and the sidebar (not on all pages).
– Install new software and WordPress plugins. Such as a Facebook pixel or new gallery integrations.
– Access or edit the server settings.
– Access or edit the core WordPress framework (php pages)
– Edit core plugin functionalities or access any plugin settings.
– Run updates or restore from previous backups.