Site Rental, Security, Backups & Software Licensing

$30.00 / month

  • Backups
  • Security
  • Software Licensing

Security & Support

This fee will be auto recurring each month for the duration of the life of the site unless cancelled.
It may be cancelled at anytime by the client and the site will not be effected directly as IdeaSwell is not directly providing hosting.
If cancelled, the website will quickly become vulnerable to cyber threats and support hours will be a flat rate of $45, rounded up. This rate may increase in 2023.

Website Rental Services

*Note: This is a very similar pricing model to Shopify, although Shopify intentionally does not make obvious the rental factor.
Also, had the client gone with Shopify, aside from the general monthly cost they also would have had to design the website with the Shopify builder tools. As long as the client keeps using IdeaSwell services to run the website, paying the monthly fee, the design fee will not be charged.

Minimum 12 Months Rental
Client is responsible for paying the monthly for a minimum of 12 months, or buying out at a rate of 80% the remaining months in one lump sum.