Social Media Strategy + Logo Design

$120.00 / month for 12 months and a $100.00 sign-up fee

  • Professional Logo Design
  • Social Media Strategy
Logo Design Fee (sign up fee)

Logo design for Anderson and Son’s Asphalt. This fee includes the usage of the designed logo for web and medium sized print use. In the event of needing a large poster or banner it is up to the client to have another company vectorize the logo.

Social Media Outlets Design

We will be crafting a facebook business page with custom graphics to best represent the clients branding. We will optimize the facebook business page for best performance and user interaction.

Ongoing Social Media Strategy

Facebook: Via the creation of both value-added content along with potentially entertaining and attention holding posts we will create a following and presence for the Anderson & Son’s Asphalt company on their Facebook business page.

Ongoing social media will also consist of the taking the clients blog posts, summarizing them into shorter content bits and posting them to their Facebook page.

We will also be creating graphics for sales and meme-style info images both informative and comical. Video content is also optional but not to be done often.

Refund Policy

Graphic design payments are refundable only at the complete discretion of the designer. If very little or no work has been done you will likely receive a full or partial refund.

Cancellation Policy

Any client may opt out of monthly fees at any time and no legal recourse will be taken against them. However, if we are hosting your website we reserve the right to remove your site from our servers. If we are performing social media strategy and you are under contract for a certain period of time we retain the right to remove content which we believe has not been paid for. We generally however give a 90 day grace period in the event of financial emergencies resulting in delinquency.