Proper St. Pete Ocean-Style Tee



  • 50/50 Cotton/Polyester Blend
  • Hanes ‘ComfortBlend’ ‘EcoSmart’
  • Featuring the ‘Lay-Flat Color’ & ‘Durable Double Stitching’

Small, Medium, Large & XL

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Shipping & Local Pickup

Local Pickup
*Important: If you live in the Pinellas area and would like to pick up your shirt in person, please select “local pickup” in the checkout and save $5.00 on shipping. We will then hold your shirt for you and likely meet you at one of our favorite local kava bars.
We ship once a week, on Thursdays via USPS for a flat rate of $5.00. U.S. shipping only.


Payment Options

  • Credit card via Stripe, On-site checkout
  • PayPal offsite checkout
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