Web Development Down-Payment


  • Web Development

Project Details for House of Ness:


By utilizing a modern, streamlined and smooth design the outcome will be nothing short of a work of art. This will be a key focus point as we want clients to see our attention to detail and full understanding of the term “beauty” as ultimately, that is why they are coming here to begin with.

Email Capture / popups:

To keep up with current industry digital marketing tactics we will be implementing a popup on the website which will offer visitors a small coupon (or value added content PDF, provided by client) in return for their email address. It will be up to the client to store these emails in a spreadsheet unless they prefer to sign up for a 3rd party email management company. (see pre-site development requirements below).

Refund Policy

Web development down-payments are refundable at the complete discretion of the developers. If very little or no work has been done you will likely receive a full or partial refund.