Web Development Down-Payment, Logo & SEO Boost


  • $200 Logo / Branding
  • $600 Web Development (half of minimum estimate)
  • $300 SEO Boost

Project Details


Through managing the 99designs.com logo contest and modifying submissions for client approval we have generated a new logo for the ‘Offer More’ brand identity.


We will create an eye popping, user engaging, high converting website for WeOfferMore.com. Our goal will be to create a very user friendly yet high quality, official feeling website to compete with the likes of CarMax and WeBuyCars. In order to achieve high traffic flow we will be building SEO into the website and writing custom content geared at conversions while a maximizing SEO. Ultimately, we are going to do as much as humanely possible, within reason, to create a digital powerhouse for OfferMore. When people are searching the top results you’re site will be the best looking, highest functioning site amongst the competition.
Please note* although I have created a similar site I will have to generate completely new content. I actually anticipate this to be more difficult the second time around from a writing standpoint. The new site will also look entirely different than the tampabaycarcash.com website.

SEO First Month Only

The first month we will be implementing a large investment into white-hat backlinks to help give weight to slingshot the site up the ranks.

Refund Policy

Web development down-payments are refundable at the complete discretion of the developers. If very little or no work has been done you will likely receive a full or partial refund.