Wild Seafood Co Exploratory Web Development


  • Web Development

Phase 1: Exploratory Development

Starting with a staging website, the development will consist of building and testing a site with a slew of advanced add-ons such as shipping, inventory, wholesale and Clover integrations.

The pros and cons of this style development:

Pro: We are willing to do this type of development at a significantly discounted rate as there are some newer systems, and more advanced integrations then we have worked with in the past, thus increasing our knowledge power.

Cons: This type of development can take longer than

Wholesale System: It’s important to note here that although we want to acquire and configure the best wholesale system on the market for WordPress, it is possible you don’t actually utilize it during the initial development, and may either be used on a secondary site, integrated on the main site later, or completely abandoned in lieu of a different system.

*Although the wholesale system is specifically mentioned, the same potentiality exists for other add-ons used in this phase. However most other add-ons we are looking to test come in at a much lower price point.

SEO Research. Part of phase one will also include thorough research into your industry, along with the systems we intend to use on the Website to determine what options you have to best rank the website for organic (non-paid as opposed to paid ads) search results. By completing this research before development we can give you options which will help in minimizing your long-term costs for a potential SEO strategy.

Phase 2: Primary Site Planning

Once we have completed phase one you will be given options for the development of the primary website. We estimate these options to range in costs from three to seven thousand. An SEO framework package will also be presented with it’s own cost range. A great deal of the work completed in phase one will be easily transitioned into the main build.


Phase One

We can get started as soon as Thursday, June 3rd and will complete phase one no later than June 22nd.

*To get started this early, the client will need to complete the Pre-project development requirements by 5pm EST on June 2nd.

Phase Two

Form there, the main build may take anywhere from two to eight weeks depending on the outcomes of phase one and your development choices.



Phase One

Development Retainer: $1,100

*In the event we complete phase one under budget, the remainder will be carried over to phase two, or returned in the event the client decides to go another route.


Software Budget: $700

*Some of the software utilized may carry monthly fees. Others will be yearly fees. To simplify the development, we will require this $700 be deposited via PayPal. Receipts for each purchase will be given to client and any funds not used during phase one will either go back to the client (minus PayPal fees) or used during phase two.

Hosting Signup (one year) $140

*Hosting, paid to a 3rd party (SiteGround) will cost $25/mo, paid annually after the first year introductory rate. Why not GoDaddy or another host? Building out a large WordPress system becomes very server resource heavy. SiteGround is the most affordable, reliable, well supported hosting provider available in today’s market.