Web Development Downpayment (www.reimagineot.com)


  • Web Development
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Premium Software


To help the client grow Reimagine OT we will be crafting a website featuring the latest tech via a WordPress-based powerhouse embodying the client brand and services in a captivating yet professional manner. Building trust and generating leads the website will feature an online form and booking system.

This contract is being provided to the client on September 16th, 2023.

The site design is set to commence on Thursday the 21st however this is subject to the client meeting all pre-site development requirements by 8 pm Tuesday, September 19th.

The initial design will be ready for review on or before October 5th. This will be a “Desktop Only” revisions phase. Once this phase is complete we will complete the site’s mobile design.

The revisions phase may last up to 4 days, within reason as set by the discretion of the developer. Extended revision periods and extensive revisions in general may affect the project budget.

The website’s mobile design will begin by October 9th or sooner.

Site launch is set for Saturday the 14th of October.


*For complete development details, refer to the contract signed on 9-18-23 and included in the email along with the link to this product/payment.