Web Development for WildSeafoodCo Website


  • Web Development
  • SEO


Build / Development

Additional SEO and Design required to complete this project will account for $1,200 to $1,600.  We are also dipping slightly into the on-site SEO budget for WildSeafoodMarket.com.  The lower end is due upfront.  The remainder is due after both websites are live and fully approved by the client.

Site Maintenance 

As the client is planning to do a significant amount of ongoing Search Engine Optimization we are waiving the site maintenance for the duration of said services.  So long as the client is paying a minimum of $1,500/mo we will waive this fee for the brochure / secondary site.


Site Maintenance 

Brochure website level security including bi-weekly software updates & checking the site for issues after updates (site loading properly, etc). We also integrate and configure a premium framework security system. This system requires regular updates and is tested monthly.

We run backups on your entire website every day. These are hosted on a cloud server separate from your server for optimal backup redundancies.

Software Licensing
We will utilize a premium theme, backup system, security suite, and performance add-on for your website project. We pay yearly and monthly for the usage of these software systems and sub-license this software to clients at a minimal fee.

Costs for Security, Backups & Software Licensing

$35/mo *Discounted to $0 for ongoing SEO clients