Web Development Second Payment & Web Care Plan

$50.00 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $1,100.00 sign-up fee

  • Web Development
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Premium Software


To help the client grow Reimagine OT we have crafted a website featuring the latest tech via a WordPress-based powerhouse embodying the client brand and services in a captivating yet professional manner. Building trust and generating leads the website will feature an online form and booking system.

The website is now built and in the revisions phase.

Development Payment

(included as “sigh up fee” on this product)
This payment covers roughly 80% of the current balance due.  However this balance will grow once we complete the mobile design, integrate any needed content changes, and potential client training.

At the moment, even with the yet-to-be-completed work, we do anticipate your final payment to be a few hundred below the grand total estimate minus the downpayment and this payment.  ($3070 – 900 – 1000 = $1,070 | thus final payment expect to be closer to $600)

Website Care Plan

Security: Although WordPress (the system on which your website is built) is a great SEO, Design, and CMS (content management system) platform, it runs a database with a user interface susceptible to digital threats. All our sites are built with advanced security protocols in place. Updates will be performed two times a month and general site functionality will be checked after all major updates (theme/builder & WP version).

Backups: Each week your site will be fully backed up onto a completely different server to assure full redundancies in the event of a security breach or client-based mishap.

Hosting: The servers we rent to host our client’s site carry high yearly fees which we cover, and charge clients a small portion of the cost. These servers are high-speed, cloud-based machines that have redundancies via multiple server housings throughout the US and the UK.

Site Speed (*license): We utilize a premium performance plugin for which we pay yearly for our clients sites. The yearly fee for this add-on is included in your monthly fee. This is a complicated add-on and often needs to be adjusted based on WP release versions. We keep it running smoothly.

Premium Theme (*license) The license fee for the Kadence Pro theme is used to make your site’s core structure.

Premium Blocks Add-On (*license) The license fee for the Kadence Blocks premium is used to make editing your website much quicker than a custom-coded site would take.


Website Support 

Website support is included in the current monthly fee in way of fixing errors on the website within reason.  However, this does not include change orders.  If you’d like to change things on your site and are unable to perform these changes on your own, we may charge additional fees for such changes.


Site Maintenance Costs

Site Care Plan & Support: $50/mo.  The original estimate of $65  was based on the potential of needing to upkeep more software packages / plugins.  We are also referencing the Simple Practice Privacy Policy and have a more basic Privacy Policy configured on your site as it technically does not handle the client’s information directly.

*For complete development details, refer to the contract signed on 9-18-23 and included in the email along with the link to this product/payment.