Web Development for Wild Seafood Market Website


  • Web Development

Build / Development Budget

Total current budget is $3,000 – $4,000. This does not include software purchases.

Minus payments made of $1,100, divided by two brings the current total due to $900 (on the low end, rounded down). The current payment will also include the signing up for site maintenance services and your choice for additional website support.
Next / third payment will be calculated as the difference in the total cost of the build plus extra revisions (if needed) minus the previous payments made. (Upwards of $2,000). This payment will be due one week after the site’s successful launch.


Software / 3rd Party Fees

Currently, without the subscription model integration, the cost for software needed on your project is close to $500/year not including the hosting, which will be an additional $240 in two years once the next payment is due for that. In addition, for marketing purposes we would like to set up a proper email management client which will carry a monthly fee around $15.


Software budget pool:

During exploratory development we spent more then the budget ($700), but then returned a significant amount of un-needed / underperforming software, leaving your current budget pool with $200 left over.