Web Development

Secure, Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Responsive development is no longer merely option, it’s a necessity.

The importance of your website developed on a responsive framework, and the custom elements coded properly to work within this framework is beyond vital in order to have a successful digital web presence. The reasoning behind this logic is two-fold.

1) View-ability

Every user who visits your site needs to be visually entertained and intrigued or they wont stay much longer then a second.

“Once your page loads, users form an opinion in .05 seconds.” –

If we were to take the desktop version of your website and merely shrink the same design to fit on a phone it would hardly be legible, much less visually pleasing. This is where responsive website development comes into play. With a properly developed website the content will adjust based on the width of the device it is being displayed on.

  • 60% of internet browsing is done on mobile devices. 60% 60%
  • Between December 2013 and December 2015, smartphone internet consumption grew by 78%. 78% 78%
  • Between December 2013 and December 2015, tablet internet consumption grew by 30%. 30% 30%

What exactly is ‘Responsive Design’?

Certain elements will collapse into expandable modules and others will collapse atop one another. We have the skill set necessary to create custom elements that will adapt along with the responsive framework we implement your site design within. From CSS3 to HTML5 and even JavaScript we are fully versed in all coding languages required to achieve any design and make certain everything folds into place just right for any device.

2) Responsive for SEO

Mobile friendliness now plays a part in your search engine optimization strategy. As of April 21st, 2015, Google began penalizing websites that were not mobile friendly on the page ranks. These days, if someone on a tablet or mobile phone does a google search, only mobile friendly websites will filter into the search results. As less users get to your website via mobile devices your website will also incur a loss of desktop visitors as overall traffic decline also creates a negative effect on site weight in general.


40% of people will choose a different search result if the first is not mobile friendly.

Secure Development

Fully Secure Website Development

From well encrypted passwords to advanced security programs, we go to great lengths to make sure your website stays secure for the long haul. One often over looked element of security is the importance of knowing which WordPress plugins are safe for your website. We are big critics of plugins and will only utilize them if they are developed by reputable programmers and well maintained. Once your site goes live you will need to be certain that all elements within the site are checked for updates on a weekly basis. We can teach you how to do this or you may prefer to take advantage of our monthly security package program.


**Important update as of January 2017**
As of January 2017 Google Chrome, the majority leader in web browser usage (73% of the total market, according to W3Schools) will be giving websites with an SSL installed a boost on the page rankings and websites without the SSL will be given an unappealing red x in the url bar.  If your website does not already have an SSL it will undoubtedly loose traffic from search engines and your bounce rate will increase.

Click the button below to full our full article on this new Google security strategy and how to make sure your website is ready.

Ready to get your project started?

Professionally responsive and secure web development cannot be rushed. Thorough planning and multiple security procedures must be done along with traditional design elements.  We can fully develop and design a responsive and secure website in under 72 hours.

Fast Loading & Performing Websites


3 Seconds or less, mandatory

40% of internet travelers will abandon a website that takes more then three seconds to load, according to a recent study by Kissmetrics .

Whether raw coded from the ground up or integrated through a content management system, every site we develop has to meet our 2.5 second load time test before it goes live to the public. We utilize a plethora of advanced compression and browsers caching software in order to be certain your website loads fast and keeps users experience seamless.

Every website is different and each have unique requirements to properly integrate advanced load time optimization software. We have been been working on developing our own custom software for decreasing load times and will soon be selling our software through a 3rd party software store. Stay posted for developer tools software to be released right here on ideaSwell.com in the near future.

Full Website Backups

Make a change to your website and now it’s not working correctly? Possibly you deleted the wrong page or post? This is when site backups come into play. No matter how secure a website is made there is always a threat of getting hacked. Again, backups! We offer a variety of options for website backups with two fundamental factors. One, how often the backups are made & 2, for what duration the backups are kept. Whatever your website backup needs are we can help make certain your website and the valuable content you create on it are forever safe.

The more you know

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