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“Possibly the highest yielding ROI a company can make.”

– C. MAYO 2018

Ready to send your website to the front of the keyword race?

In 2020, dealing with fierce competition is a common marketing problem. Behind the scenes, the keywords that you select to promote your business, are likely the exact same your competition is targeting.

We’ve been working toward mastering the ins-and-outs of search engine optimization for over a decade and have proven methods that focus on valuable content generation and do-follow backlinks. In 2020 we’ve expanded our abilities to reach more clients with better SEO services by hiring on professional content writers to help us meet demand without losing quality.

The IdeaSwell SEO Recipe

When you must use the same keywords as your competition, the answer is in the details. The content is the first place to WIN the game. Is your content important, timely, does it solve a problem, answer a burning question, or prevent forest fires?

Do you have a catchy title, is your first sentence a hold? Does your article describe the problem and offer the solution?

If so, great, your article is ready for ABC News, so you’re certain you are ready to post; However, do you have everything in the right order; H1, H2, decorations, LSI, keyword density and the 195 other things that Google looks for considered..? click here – for a look see.

Get all this right and receive the blessing of traffic from Google and other search engines. Fail, and your website, video or awesome podcast, is droned out by Crickets.

Ground-Up SEO strategies

With each new client, we start with an in-depth meeting with stakeholders to agree on the exacting details of the target market, product or service, budget constraints, seasonal considerations, key personnel, communications protocols, current customer acquisition, retention systems, and about 50 other connecting points.

When the meeting is done, we have a clear plan and a mission to deliver the finest results driven ranking strategy possible, designed to maximize SEO value (ie; get your pages top ranking) while driving the flow of incoming visitor traffic directly to your Call-to-Action. Speaking of… Ready to get started?

Ready for a free site SEO analysis?

We will run a report on your site with our software, assess your competition and give you a quote on what it will take to improve your website ranking.

*Before performing you SEO assessment we will send you an email confirmation to verify a valid contact email.

Key Word Masters

We will start by identifying your key words and key word phrases. You might think you know what the best keywords are, but did you know targeting similar keywords which have less competition may be a faster way to optimize your organic results?

We have a an in depth, proven system developed to formulate a key word strategy based on your goals. First page results your goal? Think again, think short-term vs. long term. What key word phrases will help bring more immediate traffic to your site in order to help your primary key terms which may have a much more competitive market?

Our key word strategies often involve changing our focus after the first month or two in order to maximize the results, along with your return on investment.

SERP Chefs

Robots crawl search results looking for the best possible solution to feed their algorithm and we know just what food they are looking for and better yet, we know how to make sure they leave the table full.

SERP = Search Engine Results Pages

Feeding the search engine healthy content

We don’t just tweak your content and format it. We also verify it is digestible to the readers. We want them to stay on your pages as long as possible and do so we combine design with wordplay in order to create an experience so great that visitors want to stay till the end. By minimizing what’s called “bounce rate”, we maximize your website’s effect on the search engine as they monitor these elements to find content best suited for the next visitor.

Search engine optimization strategies take time to implement properly. Be sure to get started as soon as possible.

Recent ideaSwell SEO Success Stories

SEO for Tampa Bay Car Cash - Company Logo

Tampa Bay Car Cash

Ever search “sell my car”? This may have been one of our hardest SEO projects to date which is why we are especially proud to feature it here. Just as recently as October 2018 we began with a very unique and possibly even controversial approach to help this newcomer break into an extremely competitive field. We didn’t break or even bend the rules, instead we ran a plotted a course that ran parallel to the race track and one month in we pull the cord to jump into the lead pack. Taking the site from nonexistent on search results as deep as 100 pages we brought to page one of search results for their primary key word phrase.

*Note: Tampa Bay Car Cash has since sold its company and the SEO is no longer being kept up to date.

Skinny Water Charters

Another highly competitive field in the West Central Florida area is charter boat fishing. Why wouldn’t it be! Living the dream, headed out to work doing exactly what you love and getting paid to do it may be one of the most sought after lifestyles in today’s day and age. This is likely the primary reason why “charter boat” is an extremely competitive key term along with the large amount of complimentary terms which help to make this such a content rich industry. A solid framework of content wasn’t even half the battle for Skinny Water and Capt’ Craig Lahr, we had to blast the internet with every bit of content we could churn out over nearly a six month period and success we had!

SEO Planning

The best possible time to prime a website for an optimal outcome page ranking is during the development planning process. We build websites with SEO elements in the core framework of the code in order to truly maximize the organic (free) SEO ranking. This of course assumes you are also looking for a complete website design or re-design.

We also specialize in surgically delving into your websites framework in order to maximize the strength of the framing for which we will build your SEO strategy.

SEO Copywriting

Although every company is unique like a fingerprint, the hard fact remains that almost all industries share one common problem; the competition is fierce your primary key words which are often the exact same for your competition.

Writing content which both intrigues the visitor to your site while maintaining the attention of the search engines may be the most fundamental, yet hard to find talent of any SEO expert. Yes, ‘SEO expert’, not human resources or sales department of your small business. Handing this crucial job off to inexperienced individual is a great way to fail on multiple levels.

Our formula is custom tailored and requires an in depth online or in person meeting with the business to understand exactly what product or service needs to be maximized as well as the traits of the target market. From that point we can strategically write your website’s copy to maximize for SEO while maintaining the flow driving visitors to your action areas.

SEO: did you know?


As of 2018, about 94% of all online traffic starts with a search on a popular search engine.


75% of people never scroll past the first page of search results.


Roughly 80% of people ignore paid search results, choosing organic listings instead.

What does SEO cost?

Cost 1: Crop Planting (Site Content Writing & Optimization)

Search engine optimization is much like planting a large crop. How fast it can grow & the cost to plant is often dependent on the kind of crop you are trying to grow; Are your target keywords in a highly competitive field (pun intended)? If so, it may take much longer to see the fruits of your labors and the cost may be rather high. If you are in a low competition market you may be able to see results rather quick with less investment. We need to a firm framework of content on your site in order to grow a successful SEO strategy. This is actually quite accurate in the sense that the upfront costs to plant the field are often the largest.

Minimum recommended investment: $300 for small, 1-5 page sites with 1-2 primary key term phrases. Mid to max range: $1,200 – 4,300.

Much like a crop, the more you plant the larger the return. The more you invest…

Cost 2: Watering the Field (Constant Fresh SEO Content)

Once the field has been planted the next step is watering the field. This translates to one of Google’s primary search algorithm factors (possibly the number one most important factor all-together): Fresh Content. We offer clients two forms of fresh content services;

  1. We write the articles: Simple as it sounds. We write custom news articles that center around your key terms. Dependent on the foreseen difficulty of writing articles we charger anywhere from $50 to $200 per article.
  2. You write the base: Basically this entails the client doing the primary writing while we then step in to maximize the article for SEO. Again the cost is variable but significantly lower than having us do all the writing.

Package Options

As an SEO strategy is a long term effort often with a large up front investment we offer packages to help break up the cost of the initial content writing & optimization. Our packages require six month minimum commitments and start as low as $99/ month.

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