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Setting Up SiteGround Web Hosting

Depending on your website requirements, we may advise you to set up your own hosting account for your web development project. In such an event, there is only one hosting company we trust aside from the very expensive AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is SiteGround.

Below are some very simple instructions on how to set up your SiteGround web hosting account.

To get started, if you have not already clicked the link in the email, here’s the link to SiteGround:

Web Hosting

Select “Web Hosting” on the first page.

Siteground Hosting basic
Siteground Hosting basic


Select “I already have a Domain“.

You should have been sent an email with instructions on which domain to use. It is most likely your primary website domain.

Insert the domain in the box and then hit “PROCEED“.

Siteground Select Domain Name
Siteground Select Domain Name


If you are allowing IdeaSwell to handle your website’s security, you will not need the SG Site Scanner as it will be redundant. We also perform a great deal more in terms of security for your website.

Hence, uncheck this if it is already checked.

*Note: SiteGround prices fluctuate, hence it may be more expensive than you see here.

*Also note that after the first year the prices are significantly higher. It’s worth it.

Get best deal on SiteGround
Get best deal on SiteGround

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  1. This is a great step by step tutorial! I’ve only ever tried Bluehost but it’s nice to know about other hosting services and how to set up web hosting on them. And the bit about unchecking SG Site Scanner is also a nice touch. It’s good not to waste $20 on something you can’t properly rely on anyway.

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