Siteground Hosting Server Migration

SiteGround Server Migration has Domain Forwarding to Prevent Downtime

“However there will be forwarders set from the previous IP to the new one and all the websites will be up and running”

After a chat with a SiteGround rep, going in quite concerned about over a hundred sites I manage, all hosts on various SiteGround accounts, some of which I am not the primary email contact, I am happy to have found that they will have domain forwarding in place to bounce your site’s DNS settings over to the new server.

What this means for SiteGround users

*UPDATE: The forwarder will only be in place for 14 days

Firstly, the most important factor here is that your sites will not go down, at least not right away. I don’t know how long they will keep the old servers in use to allow for this forwarding however, it will likely be at least a month or two.

Once the migration is complete you will want to go into your domain registrar account and update either the nameservers or the A record to point to the new server. This will keep your site functioning, and loading as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

If your domain is registered with SiteGround, on the same account as the hosting, you will not need to do anything however I would personally suggest your double-check everything after the migration has completed.

Notification emails

Once the migration has been completed they will be sending out notification emails to inform clients that the migration is finalized. This would be a great time to go in and adjust your DNS settings.

Looking for great hosting?

This fail-safe of having a forwarder in place is just one of the many instances of how amazing SiteGround is as a hosting company. Plus, they are moving to Google Cloud Hosting, a huge increase is site load time should be possible with this transition.

If you are in the market for hosting, I highly suggest you consider SiteGround *Disclaimer: this is an affiliate link.

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