Solved: Divi Theme Settings Default Color Picker Not Updating

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Are Your Custom Divi Theme Color Picker Settings Not Working?

Recently while brushing up on my Divi skills I decided to make more use out of Divi’s available functionalities. Right off the bat I was having my first headache. I figured setting the Divi theme’s default color picker would help me save some time during the design phase of a build. I still think it will, but when it didn’t work, some of the options to fix the issue I found were just ridiculous.


What is the Divi theme default color picker?

Within the Divi themes “Theme Settings”, you will find the “Color Pickers Default Palette“. Setting these colors will help you save time during the development of your website as they will be available whenever the color palette appears in any divi element.


So whats the bug?

First off, this may not be a bug at all and instead more by design. Hence, the issue that can be cumbersome relates to creating content prior to setting these custom settings in the theme options. If you’ve already created a page, and then set your custom color options in the theme settings, they will not update on your existing page automatically.

The hard way to fix this issue

phpMyAdmin edit

The first real solution I found involved going into the WordPress database and removing cell data to clear out the old cached / previous color picker settings. Surely the genius Divi web developers had built some type of method to clear these out without having to access the phpMyAdmin. I mean, the whole point to Divi and other WISIWYG web design editing tools is to allow the user to avoid in depth, database level development. Hence, we aren’t actually going to go over this solution option as the other way is simply much easier.

The easy way to fix the Divi Color Picker

The solution that finally worked and made sense from a workflow standpoint was actually quite simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Hit the ‘edit’ icon to access the page settings.
  2. You will need to likely do this on any existing pages prior to your new custom theme settings color changes.

  3. Go into the design tab of the page settings and go to the color picker. Hit the ‘refresh’ icon.
**This is where I am a bit further annoyed with Divi. As I’ve seen this next issue happen all to often and it appears to be a flat out bug: The ‘Refresh’ icon might not appear where it should. Only real solution to site and wait. Try hovering you mouse over that area and even clicking the empty white space. eventually it should appear. Hit it. You should then see your new custom default color picker options appear.
That should do it, be sure to save your changes!
Simple solution for fixing the Divi Default Color Picker bug

Simple solution for fixing the Divi Default Color Picker bug

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