Okay, so let’s get to it. First off, what accusation am I defending? The question I am getting is as follows: “Why are you trying to collect rent from someone who doesn’t live at your house?”. The simple answer: The renter in question was under a contract to provide two months notice prior to moving out and gave said notice, via text on the date of June 30th. The renter was not under a twelve or even six month contract, merely one that required the two month notice. Although the renter moved out in the month of July, it was and is up to the renter to pay for the month of August. As of this day (8-13-17) the renter has refused to pay for the month of August.

Aside from textual notice on the day of June 30th, the renter also had a plethora of opportunities to correct the landlord (myself) that the end of August was not in fact the date that he planned to pay through.

Text screenshots to uphold the above –

Copied digital contract –

Possible Rebuttals may include:
Well if he wasn’t living there why should he have to pay. A- As I was under the understanding he may be there well into August I did not give future, potential renters the option of moving in during the month of August.
He claims he gave you notice on the 12th of June: A- Had that been true, why would he have given notice a second time on the 30th. B- Had that been true he would have still had to pay the prorated amount for August, which was in fact a compromised option presented to him for which has never responded and since been revoked.
He’s your friend, why let this ruin a friendship? A- Had he approached this matter with a different and more respectful manner we may have been able to work something out. However, due to his insulting and degrading response to my inquiry for rent I must admit that salvaging this friendship is highly unlikely.