Video is quickly taking over digital advertising

In today’s ever evolving world of rapid change and online social communities, video content is thriving while flat text is slowing falling away.

Did you know?


Its estimated that by 2019 80% of consumer internet traffic will be done via video content.

Cisco, 2017


Are you wasting your advertising budget? If you not spending a large portion on video you probably are.


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video,
compared to 10% when reading pain text.

Wirebuzz 2018


85% of facebook video consumption is done WITHOUT sound.

Digiday, 2016


Still not sure about focusing more on video content for your business?


Using videos on web pages can increase conversions by 86%

WordStream, 2018


Video ads have the highest click through rate of all digital ad formats

Business Insider, 2015


Brands using video marketing experience year-over-year revenue growth 48% faster then brands who dont.

Wirebuzz, 2018