VW’s Epic Response to New Wake Surf Boat

When VW heard the news of the new “Gigawave” wake surf boat and saw the epic images released, they immediately put their engineers to work on the latest and greatest VW of all time.. The all-new amphibious Golf ‘Shredder’. From concept to throwing eight-foot faces, the Shredder features the ability to go from zero to 200 knots per hour and jack up to 20-foot faces in less than the time it took you to realize this was clearly photoshopped.

The new Golf will be available only to locals with ninja-like snake abilities in late March 2020 for only a 24-hour period. You will however need a time machine to snag one of these beauties so be sure to get your Delorean ready, or actually since it’s a time machine thing just go ahead and fly on back to pick it up now.

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