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The Process

Here’s how the Idea Swell web design and development process,
from planning to perfection, is done. Enjoy.

Step 1.

Research & Strategic Planning

Starting with a full understanding of the clients business and goals, we delve deep, in order to create the best strategy for achieving high conversion rates.

Yes, it’s about sales! ‘Conversions’ more directly. Converting visitors into customers, followers, clients or whatever the end goal requires is our primary directive and taking sufficient time to plan out a project is crucial to the success of website.

Preliminary Project Questions: (sneak peak)

  • Do you already have a website? If so, do you have access to the domain name?
  • Do you have a logo and a brand identity?
  • What are your goals and expectations for your website?

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Step 2.

Content Generation

Now that we’ve got the blueprints ready, it’s time to get all our building materials together. That may sound corny, but there couldn’t be a better analogy.

Textual Content

Let us help you create a ‘word-flow’ that starts with capturing users attention with text content that matches the visual appeal of the site upon first impression and ends with a call-to-action that converts visitors into clients that keep coming back for more.
Search Engine Optimization: This is a key phase of the project where we are able to write content with a dual purpose. Along side ‘selling’, equally important is writing content for SEO.

Image Content

Imagery is absolutely key to a well designed website. We make certain to have images for projects on hand prior to even accepting a down payment for a project. Why? We simply cannot design a website without images. If your business is located in the Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater area we can come to you for a professional photo shoot to acquire the needed imagery.

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Video Content

Much less of a deal breaker, video content is still quite important. Recently google has been giving website’s with video content higher rankings on search results. Also, videos are a great way to connect with visitors and maintain their attention. We also offer professional video editing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Note Worthy:

  • This phase is the biggest road block in 70% of our projects as clients occasionally choose to write their own content and often have trouble finding the time, or the words to get the job done.
  • Poorly written content can kill a users attention just as fast as a poorly designed site.
Step 3.

Website Design

At this point in the project we have a solid understanding of you company and the brand identity which it exudes. Our goals during the website design phase are as follows:

  • Professionally represent the brand.
  • Acquire and maintain user interest.
  • Design with mobile version at the forefront.
  • Lead visitors to meet goals via, sign ups, sales, etc.

We custom tailor every website to become an online powerhouse that turns visitors into interested, active participants and eventually customers.

Step 4.

Website Development

We’ve built the doors, hood and basically the body of the car. Now it’s time to put it all together and build and the engine! There are quite a few factors that the development phase entails so we are only going to go over the elements which aren’t ‘super-techie’, yet core in what sets us apart from the competition.

Mobile Devices / Responsive

As the adaptation of mobile devices is constantly on the rise, developing every website we undertake for full functionality across different devices is a fundamental aspect of our web development service.


As of 2018, with over 52% of website traffic on the internet happening on mobile devices (according to Statista.com) we build our websites first and foremost for a fluid content and conversion flow on mobile devices.


We utilize advanced level development security protocols & software make sure your website stays secure for the long haul.


Whether raw coded from the ground up or integrated through a content management system, every site we develop is engineered for extremely fast load times.
Step 5.

Site Management & Strategy

Dependent on the project, long term management can been done by the client, via our services or often a mix of both.


Our most popular long term web services:

A strong, successful digital presence most often requires constant attention to maximize effectiveness.


Sales Strategy

Although we work very diligently to develop the best possible digital solution for your goals, often the best method for achieving the highest conversion rates, brings us to A & B testing. This process involves changing the primary, above the fold sections and call-to-action elements and comparing the results.


As the most popular content management system world-wide, it’s no surprise that WordPress is also the most infected software on the web. We pride ourselves in implementing and maintaining the highest level of security software within all of our clients websites.

Site Back-Ups

No website is 100% secure, not even NASA. The best way to fully protect a website is by performing regular website backups. We offer everything from hourly to bi-weekly site back-ups to help keep our client websites running smoothly year-round.

Our Work

Below are a few samples of our web design & development work.

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The more you know

Building a fully responsive and secure website entails a lot of factors. We’ve segmented the major elements into separate pages and highly recommend you learn as much possible about the process. Choose from the options below and navigate toward knowledge! The next informative content segment we recommend for you is our Web Design page.


Search Engine Optimization

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Video Production

Video content is quickly taking over the internet. We offer professional video services through our sister company, Morswell Media Inc.

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Graphic Design

Eye catching, attention grabbing graphics are core to a strong digital presence. We have the creative talent and experience to digitally enhance your businesses reach.

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