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Laptop with premium website built with Kadence custom premium theme
Gutenberg | Kadence | tutorial | Web Design Tips

Premium Kadence Templates, Themes, Layouts & Starter Packs

Let me just start out here by saying that the Kadence library is chock-full of amazing templates available at no extra cost to users. Free Layouts & Templates If you’re on the free plan there is a surprising amount of free fully page layouts, theme designs, pre-made sections and wireframes. However, if you’ve landed here…

FedEx Shipping Option Selection
tutorial | Web Design Tips | WordPress

How to Change Available FedEx Shipping Options in WooCommerce

To update the shipping options available to customers: Login to your site. On the left side, hover over “WooCommerce” and select “Settings“. Atop the screen, select the “Shipping” tab. Select the “FedEx” option in the shipping menu bar. Select “Rates & Services” Select & Save. Use the checkboxes near the shipping method you wish to…

Divi Default Color Picker Not Working
divi | tutorial

Solved: Divi Theme Settings Default Color Picker Not Updating

Are Your Custom Divi Theme Color Picker Settings Not Working? Recently while brushing up on my Divi skills I decided to make more use of Divi’s available functionalities. Right off the bat, I was having my first headache. I figured setting the Divi theme’s default color picker would help me save some time during the…

Divi Video Background Tricks and Tips
divi | tutorial

How To Make Epic Divi Video Background Button Elements PLUS Optimizing Background Vids

**April 2022 update: First off, I’m moving on from Divi. As I comb through all my old posts and convert them out of the divi builder and into something that’s simply light-weight and easier to develop with, this is one of few posts that won’t get the royal treatment and here’s why: This awesome background…

Here you can use the checkboxes to select which options you would like to export
Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce | tutorial

Adjusting Data for Scheduled Jobs with Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce

How to change your settings for daily exports Step 1 Login to the WordPress dashboard with admin access Step 2 a) Hover your mouse over “WooCommerce”b) Click on “Export Orders” *Careful, if you’re website has multiple order export plugins you may have similar looking options here. “Export Orders” is the link for the “Advanced Order…

Hover over the home icon and click on 'visit site'

How to access & evaluate your freshly designed website

Website Development Complete Enter; Evaluation Phase First off, congratulations on your newly designed website! We strive to design and develop each Idea Swell website with the absolute most advanced tech and fully custom graphics. Evaluation & Feedback Prior your site going live to the public we want to make sure you have been given the…

What exactly is ‘Responsive Design’?
tutorial | Web Design Tips

What exactly is ‘Responsive Design’?

Fundamental to user engagement & conversion rates Every user who visits your site needs to be visually entertained and intrigued or they won’t stay much longer than a second. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly you’ll be missing out on over half of the potential leads coming through your website. “Once your page loads, users form…

Website transferring between two laptops
tutorial | Web Design Tips

Website & Domain Name Transferring

Strategic, surgical, and careful transferring of your domain or website. Different Elements First off, please be aware that these are indeed two different elements. Your website’s domain name might be hosted with company ‘X’ while the website itself is hosted with company ‘Z’. This can be done by modifying the DNS records and is quite…


Layer Slider – Flashing Screen on slide transitions: Version 6.2.2

Since updating to the most recent Layer Slider (Version 6.2.2), my sliders are flashing in between transitions. Highly annoying. Tested on two sites and both are having the same issue. Current work around was to create timed layers on a single slide but that is an awfully time consuming job. I will post an update…