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How to Easily Manage Your Website & More

From beginner to advanced, here’s the IdeaSwell DIY tutorial listing for our clients and the general public

Quick Overview of editing Divi built websites

Watch this short two minute video to see how to easily manage your website’s pages built with the power Divi page builder.

What is Divi and why did we use it with WordPress to design your website

Watch this introduction to editing your website to understand the fundamentals behind the system that runs your site.

In-depth on editing your homepage and other pages built with Divi

Ready to really get to editing your site? I go in-depth in this video and show you how to really edit all aspects of any page built with the Divi Builder.

-Be sure to have your login information ready to go.
-Remember to hit the green check box AND the bottom right “Save” button to save your changers.

How to view your gravity form entries

Step 1 Log into your account. Step 2 Click "Forms" Step 3 Click "Entries" Step 4 Near the top of the page, click the small arrow. This will release a new option. You will then need to again click the drop down arrow on the element that has been made visible. Step 5...

Divi Builder: Global Elements Management

How to manage your Divi Builder global elements (modules and sections) Divi makes it easy! Instead of using PHP directly, the Divi Builder lets you manage elements that may be utilized in different pages of your site, without having to go into each page to edit those...

Ready to get started managing your new website?

Managing the content on your website is a breeze with WordPress. Let us build it for you and then take the reigns as you grow your digital presence with ease.